Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Loose lips sink ships

Barry Bonds' mistress of nine years is writing a tell all book about her affair with Bonds. Just like the Canseco book there will be an allegation of steroid use. Bonds' mistress Kimberley Bell claims to have had a relationship with Bonds for nine years. During those years she noticed a change in Bonds' body...imagine that. Here's a transcript from an interview she had with Fox News' Geraldo Rivera (Jerry Rivers).

Every baseball fan, who is not in denial, realizes that MLB has a real problem on their hands. Many knew this back in the late 90's. The media is pounding the sport. Every player is now guilty until proven innocent in the land of public opinion. Bud Selig needs to take a major stance. He must show that MLB's new drug policy has some teeth. More importantly he has got to put the public and the media at ease that this scandal will be dealt with and not ignored.

Roger Maris has already paid for MLB's steroid binge by losing his single season HR record. Now the juiced up Barry Bonds takes aim at Hank Aaron. 755 is a sacred number to most baseball fans. Many consider it the greatest record in american sport. Now Bonds, already the single season record holder, is within 52 long balls of Aaron's mark.

Selig and Alderson need to take their heads out of the sand. Take a long look at what is happening to the sport. They need to do baseball a favor and protect Hank Aaron's record from Bonds, Sosa or any other "'roid slugger". Selig could use his"best interest of baseball clause" to suspend Bonds, Giambi and Sheffield for their part in the Balco scam. A more media friendly option might be to see if Bonds will "voluntarily" retire. This would eliminate the controversey that will follow the suspension of Bonds. Either way, Selig needs to protect Aaron and his 755 homeruns.

Bud Selig faces another major test as Commish. Will he show the back bone Judge Landis did in Black Sox scandal? I don't expect he will.

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