Saturday, February 05, 2005

Too Close for Dusty's Comfort

What is Dusty gonna do? This week the Cubs thought they had rid themselves of all of the excuses for the 2004 collapse. Guess what folks, this soap opera get's even better.

Steve Stone is going to return to Chicago. He's gonna return to Wrigley Fd. (along with Comiskey Pk.). He's even gonna be in the press box. Dusty thought he had chased the Stone Pony out of town. But as Ed Sherman reported yesterday Stoney will be in the press box reporting for the Score Sports Radio 670.

This is classic. We all know how sarcastic Stone can be when he has an axe to grind. Well he has a big axe to grind with Baker. I wonder if Stoney will be attending Dusty's postgame press conferences asking him questions. The gloves are off for the Stone Pony. I cannot wait to listen. I guess I'll have to reprogram 670 into my car radio.

According to Sherman, Stone is looking at broadcasting some national games possibly for ESPN. I really think FOX should hire Stone and pair him with Joe Buck. Stone is such a good analyst he deserves the national stage of the playoffs and world series.

I would not be surprised to see Stone one day back in the Cub broadcast booth. Once Dusty is fired and Brenly is in the dugout it'll be time for Stone to return to the job that he has mastered. In the meantime Stone will keep the heat on Baker. I can't wait to listen.

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