Thursday, February 10, 2005

What a difference a year makes...

Going into last year, the entire North side was a buzz. We got Derek Lee! We got Maddux back! We signed Walker, Barret, Hollandsworth, Hawkins, Dempster...The signings and deals last off-season painted the picture that the Cubs were making moves to better their position in the race for the pennant, and eventually the World Series.

This season, Sammy's gone, in a lop-sided, whacked out, BAltimore has nothing to lose, what do the Cubs get trade. We sign the Burnitzaplyse, which now he can officially be considered a MLB journey-man. Farnsie is gone (Well that one is very arguable as to who made out) Clement, Alou, all for not. This off-season seems like anything but a valiant effort to better our position, and make a run for the championship.

I have always been an eternal optimist, and I probably always will be, being a cubs fan you have to be. Yet even I have an extremely hard time seeing the positives going into this season. Yeah, we still have the 'Aces on the Hill', and our hitting may not be that bad, but laying out a were gonna do what we can to field a team mentatlity, in the off-season sure make this fan very weary of what the '05 season is going to bring.

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