Sunday, February 13, 2005

Hey-O's ...He's all yours! (Good Luck!)

Here is an excerpt from an article Rick Morrisey wrote about Sammy last Friday.
I think it is funny how people change, I don't think Sammy was arranging limo rides when he was with the White Sox, or his early Cubbie days.

"In a report from the Baltimore Sun that provides another peek into what one of those players is all about. Consider it a "jumping-off point" for a discussion about some of the scoundrels from last year's team.

It seems that when it was time for Sosa to take his physical for the Orioles last week, a team employee arrived in a personal vehicle to transport Sosa to the facility.

Sosa didn't offer a heart tap or even blow a kiss. He wagged a disapproving index finger. He said he doesn't do personal vehicles. He would require a limousine. The limo arrived about an hour later, delaying the physical and the ensuing news conference.

Sun columnist Peter Schmuck referred to it as an apparent "diva moment" by Sosa. Some of us here in Chicago would refer to it as bigness as usual for His Samminess."

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