Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Good Day for the Cubs

Happy Pitcher and Catchers report day everyone. Next Year is finally upon us. There are many questions surrounding the Cubs as they beging Spring Training. My main questions are:

1. The bullpen. Who is gonna close? Is he on the staff? Who will fill the 8th inning slot?

2. The outfield. Is Dusty Baker really gonna put Burnitz and Hollandsworth out in the OF? Will DuBois get a shot?

3. Health of the starters. Wood and Prior are obvious concerns what about the aging Maddux and the workhorse Zambrano?

4. Who will Hendry add to the mix? This could help resolve questions one, two and possible three.

Enjoy Spring Training everyone. It's great to have the boys back. Let the games begin.

The Cubs and City are putting the final touches on Bleacher Expansion!
I cannot believe it has only been four years. In today's Bright One Fran Spielman reports that the Cubs and City of Chicago are wrapping up a sweet deal that will have the Cubs rebuilding the bleachers at the end of the 2005 season. No news on when the Wrigley campus next door will be complete.

According to Spielman's column the Cubs will pay:

It calls for the team to pay Chicago taxpayers $3.1 million up front while also contributing roughly $250,000 toward the cost of the park and $400,000 over eight years to install the traffic light at a Clark and Waveland intersection that would get a whole lot busier if the Cubs proceed with plans to build a restaurant, a 400-space parking garage and a Cubs Hall of Fame.

This deal should be good for both the Cubs and the city. The city gets some much needed cash (the Mayor's wife needs a new pair of shoes) and the Cubs get a revenue generators that will make Wrigley Fd. more viable in the coming years. Hopefully we the fans will see a competitive team for years to come.

Hats off to Tom Tunney for working with the Cubs and making this a reality. In years past Bernie Hansen would have went on radio and tv ranting about how bad the Tribsters are for Wrigleyville. Not Tunney, he worked out an agreement that was beneficial to both sides. Thanks Alderman.

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