Saturday, February 19, 2005

Sammy/Dusty soap opera -- the last round

Dusty and Sahm had a conversation this past week. Dusty called the Cubs ex-slugger and asked him about why their relationship soured last year. Here’s Dusty: “I got hold of him, and we had a short conversation. I wished him well. I did ask him, I said, ‘Hey man, I’m still bewildered about what happened and why,’ and he didn’t really have an answer.”

Please help me out folks. Why is Dusty concerned about what Sammy thinks now? Why is Dusty calling Sammy now? Shouldn’t he have called him the day after the season ended and asked him this question? Would this have saved us from Jer0my Burnitz?

Blame is easily spread out on this one. Sammy was wrong for what he did and said, the Tribsters were wrong for allowing this to get out to the press, Johnnie B. Baker was wrong for not doing anything…“I don’ know, dude.” It’s really sad that nobody in the tower was smart enough to stop this from happening.

Thing's Change, Move on...

I know you’re all probably as sick of that soap opera as I am. That’s the last I’ll talk about Sammy vs. Dusty as a lead on the site.


The Cubs franchise RHP had some great stuff in “my hometown paper” the USA Today on Friday. In an article concentrating on ‘roids Prior offered: “I think ever since my second year, this cloud of steroid use has been hanging over us. What are we going to do about it? What are we not going to do about it? Who’s involved and who’s not. It has definitely painted a darker picture than what it used to be.” This guys a young jock(but an ‘SC grad) but he really makes sense.

The Cubs franchise pitcher added (on Canseco’s book): “The only problem is the source. What are his motives and is he telling the truth? Canseco has had such a sporadic lifestyle over the last few years.” Spoken like a veteran ballplayer and a player rep. Young #22 is saying what I wish more ballplayers were.

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