Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Jeromy Burnitz

Jim Hendry has received more than his share of praise since he became the Cubs GM. Hendry's not like the "other" GM's we had grown accustomed to. Ed Lynch, Larry Himes, Jim Frey, Bob Kennedy, Salty Saltwell... Why this winter has he started to act more and more like the former Cub GM's?

If you sit in the General Managers office at Clark and Addison, I guess you turn into a combination of the brilliant GM's who came before you. While most agree it was time for Sammy to go. This replacement is an absolute joke.

Jeromy Burnitz.

Burnitz's numbers are what they are. Outside of Coors Fd. they are not good. This is a classic Cub move in the great history of Cub Free Agent Signings. This move ranks up there with the great signings of Jose Guzman, Danny Jackson, Dave Smith, and Mel Rojas.

I'm not quite sure what the one time genius Hendry is thinking. I guess he's just starting to think like his predecessors. That's a scary thought.

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