Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Closer Issue

The past several weeks we have been bombarded with rumors that had Brew Crew closer Dan Kolb heading to the Cubs for players like The Farns and Todd Wellemeyer. There's one problem with trading garbage. Usually you get garbage in return. Even the Brewers are not gonna trade a player, with 39 saves in 2004, for Cub pitchers that have not lived up to expectations. On Saturday, the Brewers dealt Kolb to the Braves for their number one pitching prospect. The Braves will now move John Smoltz back into the starting rotation.

This off season Jim Hendry is 0 for 3 in acquiring a closer. Percival, Benitez and now Kolb all have new addresses. The scariest thing that I have read all day is that the Cubs may try and fill this role from within the organization. I hope Hendry is just saying what he is supposed to. If they are serious about letting Hawkins, Borowski, Dempster or uhhh The Farns (why not offer the job to Michael Wuertz?) close 2005 will not be a succesful year.

Hendry has put together the best starting staff in the NL. Why is it so hard for the Cubs to find a decent bullpen? Why is it so hard for most MLB teams to find a decent bullpen? It's never easy is it?

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