Friday, December 17, 2004

Random Stuff

If you want any Sammy rumors visit The Cubdom's SammyStock 2004. My favorite rumor is the Royal deal.

The Cubs new Midwest League Affiliate the Peoria Chiefs has unveiled a new logo and a new website.

The Randy Johnson 3-way deal with the Yanks, Dodgers & D-Backs is pretty complicated. Shawn Green wants a contract extension and Brad Penny's health could be an issue. The deal will probably happen, but it could take a week to get all of the loose ends tied up.

I am very impressed with what the Braves have done this winter. Last week they acquired Kolb, this week A's ace Tim Hudson. It will be interesting to see how Billy Beane and Ken Macha use our old friend Juan Cruz.

Here's a FoxSports review of the Rule 5 Draft.

The BoSox are offering Matty Clement between $24 & $25 million for 3 years. According to Boston Herald Clement will select between the Jays, Angels & Red Sox. Good Luck Matty.

Nomar will be in Rockford on January 19th as part of the 2005 Cubs Caravan.

Happy Festuvus Everyone!

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