Wednesday, December 15, 2004

More Useless Walker Jabbering

does todd walker ever shut up ? it bad enough that he can't quit running over steve stone. is there a clause in his new contract that forbade him from simply being quiet and working on ground balls? is he obligated to be the next mark grace? at least gracie could field. now he's got to start making it harder to reassimilate sammy:

"I think what will happen is that if he does come back, we'll hold a meeting the first day and air everything out," Walker said. "Baseball players have short memories. Once he apologizes and we get that out in the open and everything is clear, then we move on from there and it's not a big deal anymore."

Walker is not demanding an apology, but he thinks Sosa will deliver one.

"To me personally does it matter? No." Walker said. "But the reason I said that will happen is because I think Sammy will do it. He'll step forward and do it. Do I need to hear it? No.

"Half the team probably does and half the team probably doesn't. Ultimately if Sammy steps forward I think it's going to be on his own will and it will be what he thinks should be done. I know Sammy and I know he wants to win worse than anybody. And any distractions ... he's going to take care of them."
now, if you're sammy, do you hear any of that ad hoc couching? or do you simply hear a journeyman teammate (and that's all you are, odell hale) trying to move you down a couple pegs?

whatever any of us hope or fear, sammy is a difficult commodity to move at this point and is likely to be wearing cubbie blue on april 1. regardless of whoever broke the boombox, all these guys will be sharing a clubhouse. is sammy a prima donna? yes. is that going to change? no. so what is walker doing? does he really think it's his place to back sammy sosa into a corner?

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