Tuesday, December 07, 2004

NOMAR'S BACK & the Cubs make some other moves...

ESPN Radio's Bruce Levine is reporting that Nomar will be back in the fold next year. The Cubs and Garciaparra's agent have agreed on a base salary of $8 million. With incentives Nomar can earn up to $11 million in 2005. According to the radio report there are no options for 2006. So Nomar will be back on the market a year from now.

In other player news the Cubs offered Matty Clement arbitration. This will guarantee that the Cubs will get a number one draft pick when Clement signs a deal with another team. The Cubs also offered arbitration to Todd Hollandsworth. Hollandsworth may accept this with his injury problems.

There is still no word on Todd Walker, but everyone predicts he'll be back in '05.

I am happy to see the Cubs bring Nomar back. If he's healthy all year the Cubs will have one of the best SS in the NL. I am concerned with the Cubs middle infield defense if they sign Walker. Neither Nomar nor Walker is going to be confused with a gold glove winner. I was raised on strong defense up the middle. I have real concerns with watching Garciaparra and Walker botch double plays all of 2005. But hey, who's askin' me.

In other news did you guys see where the Cubs hired their 70th trainer in the last three seasons. I hope this guy does a better job. If Wood, Prior, and Zambrano stay healthy he'll be back next year.

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