Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Cubs settle a sexual discrimination lawsuit with scout

Tribune Corp has settled a sexual discrimination suit with Jennie D. Patton a Montgomery, Alabama woman who was a part time scout with the Cubs from '94 -- '02. This article from the Montgomery Advertiser will detail the whole situation.

The final paragraphs are very interesting:

Preston Douglas, an experienced scout who gave a deposition in the case, said of the Cubs, "One thing I can say very strongly about the Chicago Cubs organization is that it exemplified them, and still exemplifies, as does most of professional baseball, a good 'ole' boy fraternal attitude and practices, with its rules of solidarity, discrimination, elimination and exclusion."

"As early as 1995, I heard discussions and statements within the Cubs organization that Ms. Patton would never be a full-time scout because she was a woman," Douglas said in the deposition.

I am not going to comment on the firing, I don't know Ms. Patton nor do I know anything about her job peformance.

I'd like to comment on Mr. Douglass' remarks. It does not surprise me that a the Cubs or any MLB team is run by a good ole boy mentality. I am surprised that a tight buttoned corporation like the Tribune is not more careful watching the good ole boys operate their baseball team. What have the "rules of solidarity, discrimination, elimination and exclusion" ever done for the Cubs? These rules have won the Cubs countless pennants and world series banners. After 96 years of futility maybe the Cubs should rethink their good ole boy mentality and the rules that come with that mentality.

Funny how no Chicago paper reported this story. The heads up on this article came from Cubs for Breakfast. Thanks.

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