Friday, October 29, 2004

We're going to miss you Stony.

(A Dramatization, not to be taken seriously)

Late at night in the Arizona desert a phone rings…

A Just Woken Up Voice: Hello?!?

Voice on the Other End of the Phone: Ron, its Pat.

Ronny: Patrick, why are you calling so late? We just got the grandson to sleep. Are you calling to get more copies of “This Old Cub”?

Pat: No Ronny, I called with news. Big news.

Ronny: Oh Patrick, it can’t be the veteran’s committee, is it? I mean that would be unprecedented for me to get in especially since…

Pat (interrupting): No Ronny, you know those guys hate you. It’s bigger than that, Stony resigned.

Ronny (laughing): Patrick, you always know how to make me laugh. He’s one of the best color guys in the biz. If that were true then…

Pat: Yes, Ron. Everyone will turn off the volume on their televisions and be listening to us.

Ronny (screaming): That’s great news Patrick! Great news! Can we bring back the bit about peeling an orange and keeping the peel whole?

Pat: Of course Ron, every Cub fan in the WGN listening area will be to us, not the bozos on the t.v.

Ronny: Patrick, I have to go. The grandson just woke up. (giggling) Oh, I can’t wait for Spring training.
Pat: Me neither Ronny. Good night.


Anonymous said...

Now that XM has MLB radio, I will be listening to Pat and Ron every game, just like I used to when I lived in Chicago. Stoney was (is) a great color-man, but Pat and Ron just crack me up.

Go Cubbies!

gaius marius said...

this truly is the motivation i needed to get the radio in the living room wired up to its antenna.

CCD said...

I have to get this XM radio. Will they have all the games available next year? If you get a subscription can you use it in the car and at home?