Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Cubs stuff in the midst of the Series

The Red Sox are now 27 outs from their first World Series crown in generations. I was wrong in the ALCS (when Boston was down 3-0), but I'll predict the Redbirds are done. The Cardinals have played so well this year. It really is surprising to see how they have fallen apart in these games.

Any way here's some Cub News in Late October:
The Suntimes tells the rooftop owners that they will lose their view if the Cubs add bleacher seats. Will this story ever end? How many years has this bleacher expansion/rooftop owners/city of chicago story gone on? ENOUGH ALREADY!

Nomar's not as bad a guy as Theo Epstein wants you to believe. The Red Sox players have voted that the Cubs shorttime shortstop get a full share of the World Series winnings.

Finally as reported on 1060west FIRST. The Cubs will make trips to RFK Stadium & Yankee Stadium in 2005. The soon to be crowned World Champion Red Sox will visit Wrigley Field June 10-12. The Cubs will be in the Bronx the following weekend June 17-19.

Old Hickory is held up in Boston. He plans on being out and about in the streets when the Red Sox put the Cardinals and their fans out of their misery.

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