Monday, October 18, 2004

1060West Classic: Cubs Acquire Ichiro!

Scene 1: Wrigley Field, the Cubs clubhouse following a
June 20, 5-3 win over Oakland. Bruce Levine is interviewing Cubs Closer Latroy Hawkins

BRUCE: Great game out there today Latroy. Can you describe the lift the Ichiro gave the team in his first game, going 3-5?

LATROY: Sheeeet Bruce. Did you see that lil' guy when he got on base. He can motor.

BRUCE: Do you think this is what the team needs to get back into the race.

LATROY: I dunno. Corey just wasn't gettin' it done. We gotta move onto to players that will make us win now.

BRUCE: Are you aware of the fact that there is a million dollar bounty for a naked picture of Ichiro?

LATROY: Say what???
(Kyle Farnsworth and Francis Beltran are now in the picture listening to Levine)

BRUCE: Yeah, a Japanese tabloid has a million dollar offer on a naked picture of Ichiro.

FARNSWORTH: One Million dollars?

BRUCE: Yeah.

LATROY: (to a newspaper photographer) gimme that camera. (he rips it out of his hand)

FARNSWORTH: (to Beltran and Hawkins) Even split of the million?

BELTRAN: (nods)

LATROY: Hell Yeah.

FARNSWORTH: Let's get him.

Will our heroes win the Million Dollars?

Will Ron Santo try to interview Ichiro?

Tune in Tommorrow same Bat time and check local listings for the Bat channel.

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