Monday, October 11, 2004

EXcub factors in pursuit of the RING: Jose Vizcaino

Jose Vizcaino was a Cub from '91-'93. He has spent the last 4 years with the Astros. Vizcaino is a great player to have on your bench. He can fill in at any infield position and in 1999 he actually pitched and played a game in the OF.

The Cubs dealt Jose to the Mets after the '93 season. The Cubs acquired the great Anthony Young and a minor leaguer Ottis Smith. Young is now changing oil at Jiffy Lube while Vizcaino plays an important role in the Astros Pennant chase. The brilliant GM who made the deal: Larry Himes.

Vizcaino's career numbers:
1642 G, 5050 AB, 599 R, 1374 H, 188 2B, 45 3B, 33 HR (A couple of big ones against the Cubs through the years) 449 Rbi, 72 SB, .319 OBP, .272 Avg

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