Thursday, October 07, 2004

2005 Unofficial, not in ANYWAY affiliated with the Tribsters Cub Convention

Alright, I'll save my venom for the Cub Convention this Winter.

I am planning a non-official Cub Convention for the same weekend. It'll be held in the Party Room downstairs at Lottie's. Scheduled to attend:
  • Augie Ojeda
  • Cindy Sandberg
  • "Big Partner" Tommy Williams
  • Zeke
  • Ed Lynch

Schedule of Events
8:00 AM Bloody Mary Bar and Open Forum to bitch about the Cubs.
10:30 Ron Santo and Pat Hughes Imitation Contest. Winners will receive fabulous Prizes!
12:00 FREE BEER Lunch. Sponsored by Natural Light.
1:30 Q & A w/ Cindy Sandberg -- Find out the truth behind the rumors. Raffy Palmeiro? Tuffy Rhodes? You decide...
3:00 Cub Memorabilia, is it really worth anything? Hosted by Zeke from Zeke's collectables on Irving.
4:00 Augie Ojeda and Ed Lynch will sign memorabilia!!!
5:30 Cocktails with Ed Lynch & Augie Ojeda.
6:00 Dinner, from Lottie's great lineup of Chicago bar-room favorites.
7:00 -- ?:?? Drink the night away and cry as we all realize the Cubs will never get as close as they did in 2003. Why did Dusty leave Prior in? Why did Gonzo boot the ball? Did the kid wearing the ear phones hear Steve Stone and Pat Hughes call him an idiot? Why did Dave Veres come out of the pen in Game 7? So many questions so little time.

It promises to be a Great Time at the 2005 Unofficial, not in anyway affiliated with the Tribsters, Cub Convention. We hope to see you there. You can get your tickets online at: or you can call 1-800-THANKYOU

Have a Great Winter and Enjoy the Baseball Playoffs if you can...

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