Tuesday, October 26, 2004

EXcub factors in the World Series: The Managers

It is hard to believe, but both World Series Managers once wore the blue pinstripes. Here's a look at what they did while wearing Cubbie Blue:


Before LaRussa became too cool for the room he was a very below average reserve infielder. Now "The Genius" tell's us all to have our dogs and cats spayed and neutered as he talks over the local St. Louis Morning Zoo Jock who is interviewing him. (Can there be two more extremes than the Boston media and the St. Louis media? The Boston media will follow players to strip joints, ask Mo Vaughn, than write an article about it. Meanwhile the St. Louis meda will buy the ballplayers drinks at the strip joint, ask...)

While The Genius was on the Northside he played in 1 Game. He had no AB's but he did score a run. (He was nearly a Moonlight Graham in the Cubs record books!). LaRussa's lifetime player stats are pretty miserable:

In 6 seasons he played in a total of 132 games. He hit .199 in 176 AB's. Scored 15 Runs, had 5 doubles and 2 triples.

During the winter, hopefully the Kidder and I can come up with a list of some of our favorite Genius managing moves. Including, but not limited too: leading off McGwire or hitting his pitcher 8th. I am still waiting for him to pull one of his patented "Genius moves" in this series.


Terry Francona was actually the Montreal Expos first round pick in the 1980 June Amateur Draft. In 1986 Tito was released by the Expos and signed by the Cubs. As a reserve OF and 1B, Francona played in 86 games for the Cubs. The rest of his stats read like this:
124 AB, 13 R, 31 H, 3 2b, 2 HR, 8 RBi, 1 CS (who the hell sent him?), 6 BB, 8 SO (Like the SO to walk ratio Theo Epstein?), .609 OPS


GAME 3 Tonight in St. Louis. I have not heard from Andrew Jackson. I'd guess it takes a long time to get from Boston to St. Louis on a horse. Hopefully Old Hickory will report in!

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