Friday, May 18, 2007

Piniella Promises Changes To Come!

In a pre-game interview, Sweet Lou promised reporters that changes with the Cubs will surprise everyone after this weekend.

Now of course I'm not privy to any inside dope, but I have a suggestion that I'm sure would be both a big surprise and could possibly be worth the gamble.

We all realize what a clusterfuck the outfield is with all of the masterful off season moves by our fearless leader Dumbo, I mean Jimbo Hendry. So what's our head scratchin,' powder keg waiting to blow manager going to do to remedy the situation?

Here's my take on what should happen.

Move the experiment aka The Fonz, back to where he played 8 seasons, 2B. It's not like we have a gold glove at 2B now and after Soriano's hamstring pull playing CF, missed pop in LF a couple of days ago and playing an out into a double today, let me ask you why he's in the outfield at all? How much worse defensively can he be at 2B, the least defensively demanding infield position.

The most dangerous hitter not starting in the lineup is Cliff Floyd and he's blocked by Soriano in LF. Also it's become apparent to anyone with eyes to see, that Murton is clueless in RF. Soriano at 2B allows both Floyd and Murton to platoon in LF.

Pagan has shown he can do a better job in CF than anyone presently on the team as evidenced again today, when we saw how he played a double into a single because of his speed.

Jones can then play RF until he's traded and be replaced by DeRosa against tough lefties. Now you've opened up the logjam in the outfield and have a lineup that doesn't have a weak out in it if The Riot starts at SS.

Is it the best defensive team we can field? Probably not, but Barrett isn't the best defensive catcher either but starts over Blanco doesn't he? Having Floyd's bat in the lineup most everyday is possible if Soriano goes back to 2B and I don't think the team is hurt much if at all defensively.

DeRosa has shown his versatility playing a number of positions adequately and regardless of the premise under which he was signed, helps the team the most in that super-sub role.

Oh yeah, Izturis! How could I forget this punch and judy hitter. Punch and Judy explains why he's so forgettable and he belongs on the end of the bench, right after Blanco.

Is this what Pinella is alluding to about his big news? Who knows. But if not now, it will be soon that Piniella is going to want to have a set lineup, and he won't give a shit who Hendry signed for what position or the size of their contract. After all, Piniella's here for three years and Hendry has his foot on a banana peel.

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