Tuesday, May 29, 2007

No Right Cross, No Scrotum Attack...

No Barrett! Last year that's what it took to get Barrett's silver slugger stick out of the lineup. So WTF is the reason this year?

Barrett has always had his defensive shortcomings but he's not producing near enough at the plate this year to make up for them. He's definitely pressing at the plate and should have a seat on the pine until he gets it straightened out.

Was it the end of the world last year when Hank White had to fill in for him? Of course not and it won't be this year either if Blanco gets some extended playing time.

This guy...

is one of the only middle of the road free agents that can actually do the primary thing he's acquired for. Play solid defense. Who knows, he might actually have a similar affect on the relievers that he has with Zambrano.

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