Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's Looks As Though

Piniella has started reading my posts and is going to move 'The Fonz', out of the lead off spot.

As far back as spring training I was trying to tell Piniella that this is what a lead off man looks like...

and this is not...

Way to go Lou!

The next order of business is to get the hard hats out of the outfield. Soriano of course, is not who I'm talking about as we all know his bat is why we got him, but Murton is going to kill himself or his CF partner if allowed to play regularly in RF. Trade J Jones and bring up Pie to play everyday in CF and install Pagan everyday in RF. Then work Murton and Floyd in whenever possible. All hitters go in slumps but speed and defense never do. With a lineup of Soriano, Pie, Pagan and The Riot, the team speed goes way up, not to mention the upgrade to the defense.

The Cubs have plenty of offensive punch with Lee, Ramirez and Soriano in the middle of the order and Barrett and DeRosa can add a little punch to the order as well.

So have a little faith in the youngsters and play them regularly Lou. It's not like the team is playing lights out the way it's configured now anyway.

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