Wednesday, May 09, 2007

In Honor Of Dusty!


Last night's 15 inning STINKO against the Pirates, brought back the memories of our recently departed, toothpick chompin', wristbands for no apparent reason wearin', dead between the ears and I got your back if your black manager, Dusty Baker.

After the year of "In Dusty We Trusty," Cub fans rightfully so, expect the bar to be raised for play by their beloved men in blue.

Hopefully Uncle Lou has taken the lot of them, last nights participants in that fiasco they called a major league baseball game, out to the woodshed for a real gatorade table overturnin', door slammin' and expletive deletin' tongue lashin'.

Still some of the blame lies on the doorstep of Piniella himself. I for one had thought we'd seen the end of the pet. You remember, that player Dusty always kept trotting out in the lineup for no apparent reason. Well it seems the Piniella has a pet and his name is Cesar. Can any of you tell me why Izturis is in the starting lineup? Don't give me this gold glove shit either, when the best defensive player on the team who actually would benefit tremendously from some consistent AB's, rides the pine.

Last night's miscommunication between Izturis and The Riot was a further example of while it's a good thing Piniella works everybody into the lineup, you really have to be careful with vital defensive positions on the field. The DP combo and CF are critical defensive positions on the field that demand some consistency. If Uncle Lou is going to gamble on an all glove, suspect stick player, it sure as hell shouldn't be one of the lamest swings in baseball, Izturis.

Instead of Piniella scratchin' his head on how to get The Riot some AB's, he should just put him at SS and have DeRosa play 2B until or if it blows up in his face, which in my humble opinion won't happen. And while Piniella's at it, get Soriano out of the leadoff spot. Not only is it another reminder of last year, with a leadoff man that only can get on base via the hit, but it's a tremendous waste of an RBI machine. Let me ask you this. Did the Cubs acquire Soriano to steal bases, or be an RBI machine? It was one thing with a singles hitter batting leadoff who doesn't take a walk, but to have a player who nearly half of his hits are for extra bases batting leadoff is a waste. Piniella has to get over this man crush he has on Soriano and move him into the 5 hole where he belongs. The Riot has shown he has the speed and know how to swipe plenty of bases and should be the everyday leadoff man. If Uncle Lou plays Pie reguarly, how much easier would it be for him to contribute offensively hitting in the 2 hole in front of Lee instead of hitting 8th? Not to mention he's also a speedster and LH bat.

Another reminder of those not so fond days under Baker's tutelage or lack of, was the baserunning. Soriano had three gaffs and The Riot one. And what the hell was Piniella thinkin' when he had Barrett attempting to steal 2B? Duh?

I also assume that Piniella is calling the pitches and when you need a double play to get out of the inning and there is a man on 3B, why would he call for a pitch up in the strike zone?

All in all, a thoroughly misplayed and mismanaged game that demonstrates the ghost of Dusty Baker still haunts the confines of Clark and Addison.

In closing I'd just like to say how happy I am for the privilege to be associated with these jerkoffs at 1060 West. As time constraints have made it difficult to post regularly to my old site,"Lollygaggers," it's an opportunity for me to still spout off on this baseball team we all love so much. I hope you'll all enjoy my somewhat irreverent and feeble attempts at humor and to all you hard-ons don't worry, Lollygagger Girl Kerry, will make an appearance from time to time.

Cheers, Clute.

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