Friday, May 18, 2007

2 for 4 with a HR and SB!

Let's see now, that just as many HR's as Floyd and twice as many as Jones and Murton. Pagan has more speed, is better defensively and of course most of the brainiaks here, like the ones in the Cubs front office, think he doesn't deserve the time of day. Is Pagan going to be the next Beltran? Probably not, but he doesn't need to wear a hard hat in the outfield either.

Many useful and productive team players don't have sterling minor league numbers, as The Riot clearly demonstrates. But what Pagan, The Riot and Felix Pie do have is speed and a clue about how to play defense.

Poor defense can cost you games, just like a bullpen that continually walks hitters does. Power and hitting in general go into slumps, but speed and defense don't. I understand that the Cubs crack front office has tied Piniella's hands this year but it's not to late to at least play the youngsters that could possibly fit into the Cubs long term plans, is it? It's hard to imagine the team could perform worse.

Make the trades you need to make and try to fortify the bullpen. Slide Soriano over to RF. Didn't Piniella say when Soriano was signed that he usually plays his best arm in RF? Bring up the best defensive OF'er in the organization Pie, to play CF and play Pagan in LF.

If I'm going to root for the team I love, unless we're in the thick of a pennant race, I'd like to watch players that can hustle and have some grasp of fundamental play versus those who have zero chance of factoring into the Cubs long term plans.

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