Monday, May 14, 2007

A Bull Shit Trade Rumor!

Big Z, DeRosa and Eyre to Yankees for A-Rod!

Think not? Tell me why?

Why I think so?

#1 Yankees are more desperate than the Cubs.

#2 Yankees pitching is worse than the Cubs.

#3 Zambrano probably walks after this year.

#3 Yankee fans will ditch this team and not come to the park if their slide continues much further.

#4 Yankees need a horse in the rotation that can eat innings.

#5 Yankees get a LHRP, always a valuable commodity with the short RF porch there.

#6 Yankees get a serviceable replacement at 3B.

#7 Cubs get a SS that can actually hit. When was the last time that happened?

#8 Might be the only thing that can save Hendry's ass, not that actually I care.

Let's understand I prefaced this article by saying Bull Shit, but it actually makes sense for Jimbo to give Cashman a call and run it by him. If Hendry had to tweak the deal with Ohman instead of Eyre or one of the present OF'ers not named Soriano that should be explored as well.

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