Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hendry's Cadillac Is Leaking Oil!

In fact it appears that oil is leaking from so many gaskets that a visit to the local outpatient care care center...

isn't going to be able to fix the $300 million Cadillac.

Instead of Hendry going to a real mechanic when he first saw this train wreck coming, Prior and Wood, he installed a 6 disk CD player.

Hendry replaces Alou and Sosa's production with Dubois, Hollandsworth, and Burnitz, then tells us we won't miss a beat? That had to be the whopper of all whoppers.

As the '05 team is sliding into the abyss around All-Star break, he fails to pull the trigger on a Maddux trade that would've yielded at least one quality prospect.

The Hendry trades 3 prospects for Pierre and when the team is in the tank yet again, doesn't make a trade to recoup some prospects.

Don't even get me started on the Maddux for Izturis deal.

Hendry doesn't sign just one setup man going into '06 but two, and gives them both three year deals to boot! Duh, Howry and Eyre aren't what you call kids you know and isn't it fitting that Hendry overpays based on both coming off career years.

This years orgy of spending was nothing more than slapping a fresh coat of paint on the ol' gas guzzler before it's sold.

Let's face it, some people are proactive and some like Hendry, are reactive. Is there any doubt this man has as much chance as a snowball's in HELL of surviving the inevitable purge that will come once the team is sold.

It's no mistake winning organizations have a well thought out plan and are proactive. Hopefully the new owner is a sound baseball man with a passion for winning. We already know he's going to half to have money and we also know money alone just isn't going to get it done.

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