Sunday, May 13, 2007

Coming Soon To A Chicago National League Ball Park Near You!

Those who should have new mailing addresses come 2008, or sooner.

You have to hand it to Ol' Jimbo, he tried to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. This time with a boat load of cash. Unfortunately, 20+ years of mismanagement just can't be undone overnight. The new Cubs owner hopefully will choose his organizational leaders with a plan in mind.

Super Jock will probably fetch a good prospect come trading deadline, unless of course the Cubs are within 20 games of the wild card spot. Ha Ha. I seriously doubt Hendry will pull the plug on this team and be sellers at All-Star break unless they're in last place. Unfortunately for Piniella, Hendry's MO shows he's incapable of facing reality.

Cruller Jim's Dunkin' Donut partner still could bring a decent prospect from a team actually in the hunt come July.

Is anyone else getting tired of these outbursts of emotion that single handedly blow the game in just one inning? This is not how your Ace acts, is it? We will get value for Zambrano at the trading deadline but just not as much if we moved him before the start of the season. Just another reactive move by our crack front office.

Not that I thought he had much chance of sticking on the team next year anyway with contract negotiations coming up this fall, but Barrett would certainly interest more than a few teams come trading deadline. With the most value coming from a trade to the AL, where Barrett won't have to pretend to be a catcher anymore.

Gold Glove Defense My ASS! Unfortunately no one wants this guy, or will trade you anything of value for him so he won't have his option picked up after the season.


Trade whichever one brings the most value and quit the musical chairs in the outfield. If it's Floyd then platoon Pagan and Murton. If it's Murton, start Pagan.

I'm sure there are others that you'd like to see gone, but I believe that the Cubs have a great power nucleus with Lee, Ramirez and Soriano, if they hit 3,4 5, and there is no reason not to bring up and trade for some youth and fill the roster out that way. If you question that just take a look on the south side. They were 3 games out of few years ago and made a management decision that the team wasn't good enough to win it all, and traded Bartolo Colon for goodness sake. It's unfortunate Hendry wasn't purged with McPhail, but what else could you expect from the beancounters in the Tribune Tower?

As I said before, the winning teams have a plan throughout their organization and until the Cubs realize that they're doomed

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