Sunday, August 28, 2005

What was I thinking?

I'm not sure why I get so emotionally invested in the boys who toil at Clark and Addison, I just do. But enough about that, it's football season, right?

The Kyle Orton Era has officially started.

Cedric Benson finally signed.

The season opener is Sept 11th at Washington and the Windy City Rollers are kicking it at the Congress Theater that evening. Since one 1060West contributor is a big Skins fan (you know who you are), I suggested a day full of watching the Bears kick the living snot out of Washington topped off with a trip to the roller derby that night. Tickets are cheap in advance ($10, $15 @ the door) and can be picked up at either the Gingerman (3740 N Clark, corner of Clark & Racine) or Horseshoe (4115 N Lincoln Ave). If you happen to stop at either of these drinking establishments, be sure to say hello to the rollers that work there. Lucy Furr is a striking raven-haired beauty behind the bar at the Gingerman and Broken Cherry is the tall, rough & tumble, lovely-one pouring drinks at Horseshoe.

Details to be posted later if this all comes together, but the likely starting point for football viewing will be the Full Schilling.

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