Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wasting Time with the Bad News Bears

Michael Barrett and the boys put on a display that would have made the Buttermaker proud!

I have spent countless hours watching the Cubs through the years. This means I have wasted too much time. Time that would have been better spent doing anything. So why did I expect Wednesday night to be any different? Because I'm a Cub fan, I guess.

The Cub players put on a pathetic display on Wednesday night. Cub pitchers forgot to cover first on three different occasions, threw two wild pitches and recorded one error. Despite all of this the Cubs had a chance to send the game to extra innings.

Michael Barrett watches Jimmy Rollins cross the plate with the winning run. Poor defensive players have cost the Cubs all year long. Wednesday was no exception.

With one out and the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth, Michael Wuertz struck out Pat Burrell. The pitch got by Michael Barrett. Jimmy Rollins was more than halfway down the line from third. Instead of picking up the ball and running Rollins back to third, Michael Barrett (he must not have played "running bases" or "hop-box" as a kid) picked up the ball and threw it to Ramirez back at third. Rollins rolled in with the winning run. It was a real bonehead play by the Cub catcher. (I could go on and on about Barrett's defense this year, but is it worth it anymore?)
There really is very little to say about how this team has played the past week and throughout the season. They have invented new ways to lose games this year. Common sense would tell me to quit wasting time on this team. What time is the game Thursday?

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