Tuesday, August 09, 2005


So we all know Dusty Baker has a wonderful late season record as a manager. Dusty fans will quote this as one of the main reasons to keep spewing the mantra "In Dusty We Trusty". Well, I predict this will continue this year and the Cubs will finish very solid down the stretch. Of course the end of the road will not be the playoffs just another 85-88 win season for the team. But here's the reasons why I believe this. The Cubs Sept/Oct schedule includes 29 games with the following breakdown...

Pitt - 5
SF - 4
Cin - 3
Mil - 3
StL - 7
Hou - 7

It is quite possible that none of these games will be meaningful to either team involved. Pitt, Cincy, and SF are already toast. Although not mathematically eliminated, Milwaukee is done. That creates 15 meaningless games. The Cards have all but wrapped up the best record in the NL and homefield for both NL playoff series. If Houston continues their current roll, they'll have run away with the WC by the time they arrive in Wrigley on Sept 23rd. Dusty will then be able to wrap up the season with his typical strong showing. He'll continue to play his veteran team against clubs playing minor leaguers called up when the rosters expand and good teams that will be resting their star players. The Trib and Cubs management will use this as justification to keep Johnnie B as the Cubs resident buffoon, i.e. manager for 2006.

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