Sunday, August 28, 2005

What was he thinking?

On what could have been a perfect day, Dusty finds a way to dampen my enjoyment.

- Ryne's #23 hoisted high up in the Wrigley sky to spend eternity with Banks, Williams, & Santo.

- The Cubs offense wakes from it's slumber to pummel Josh Beckett and the rest of the Florida pen.

- Big Z dealin' on the bump and slashing a triple to start the 8 run out burst in the bottom of the seventh.

- Neifi riding the pine.

- Patterson riding the pine.

- Cedeno starting and providing a couple two-out run-scoring hits.

So what do you think Dusty does with a 9 run lead going into the 8th and fresh 7-man pen (1 day after Mad Dog's complete game)? Obviously he pulls Z, right?

Of course not, this is Dusty we're talking about. Z had only thrown 89 pitches, so our wonderful manager has to ensure the big man gets his requisite 100+ pitches. For those of you who still believe Dusty is a good manager, I have a lovely bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. This decision was beyond lunacy. It may not have any lasting negative effects (and Lord I hope it doesn't), but it was still one of the absolute dumbest decisions in an almost 3 year tenure of folly.

Please Hendry, MacPhail, Tribune brass, one of you wake up and get rid of this bumbling fool before his decisions cause irreparable harm to the future of this team!!!!

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