Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Boy, wasn't last night fun?

Loading the bases in three separate innings and actually scoring more than one run each time??? Burnitz, Barrett, and Neifi coming through with timely hits to drive in multiple runs. The biggest off all, a bomb into the CF shrubbery by our Popeye-esque, post chemo looking RF. Just who are these guys? And who was that masked man on the bump last night? I think they put a Jerome Williams mask on Big Z and trotted him out to start on consecutive nights. The Big Easy (yeah that's my new nickname for him because he's always cool and collected) was brilliant last night utilizing his entire repertoire to befuddle Braves hitters. The homer by the other Jones was truly a fluke. How many times has a guy swung so hard that he fell down and still hit the ball, let alone a homer? I'll tell how many, abolutely freaking zero.

I still think the Cubs are not going to make the playoffs, but I wouldn't mind if they'd provide a few more games like that one down the stretch. Last night was truly a blast. It seemed rather poetic that on a night when the Cubs are dropping the smackdown on Eastern Division leading Braves that the Sox lose a no-hit bid and the game in the bottom of the 8th. I'm not a White Sox hater. I just wanted to bask in the glory of a fun Cubs win without being upstaged on the same night by the team from the Southside.

And to top it all off, this bit of good news from yesterday (blurb copied from

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Todd Zolecki reports Phillies CL Billy Wagner doubts the team's interest to re-sign him. They have eight days before his self-imposed deadline, and he's looking for a three-year, $24 million deal with a complete no-trade clause and no option years. The sides aren't close, and it's likely Wagner could get this amount and more on the open market.

Can a man dream of a 2006 Cubs pen anchored by...


Well, this man can!


UPDATE 4:32PM Aug 24th: And now back to your regularly scheduled programming. We'll jump back for the last few minutes of "The Cubs season of failure" with this episode's guest star, a former regular, Kyle Farnsworth.

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