Sunday, August 28, 2005

Ryne Sandberg Day

Hey Folks,

I was really not looking forward to the game today. I went on Friday afternoon to the 7-5 loss. I have tickets again on Monday night (who needs two?). There's much work to be done at home. Etc.

But yet it was an opportunity to watch one of the heroes of my youth get his just desserts. The soft-spoken second baseman, whom you could count on day in and day out to play hard; to give it his all. His playing did the talking. And, hoo boy he could play! Little did I know at the time how heroes would change in the next 15 years. But I digress.

The scene kind of played out as you would expect. The other three
"retirees" were there. Some ex-players from the 1980's were there. The requisite speeches from Cubs brass, McFAIL and McDonough, were preceded by a smattering of boos at the mere mention of their names (I did not join in... No need to be negative on Ryno's big day). And, of course, fanfare and the raising of the banner on the right field foul pole. Cindy and her dress did not make an appearance.

Ryno's speech couldn't live up to Cooperstown, so there's no point in being a critic. It was simply a day to enjoy some good vibrations, to celebrate the man in front of his fans, let him throw out the first pitch, take a victory lap around the field with his wife and sing the 7th inning stretch (quite well, actually).

I considered leaving after the ceremony, as the chores at home were more on my mind than the game. But Carlos was pitching, so I decided to stay. Good decision! Who's that Hairston kid leading off? He had a pretty good game. Too bad he wasn't on the team in April. Oh wait.. I think he was!

OK, enough blabbering. Hope y'all like the pics.

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