Friday, August 26, 2005

top management

kiley's piece over at the bright one does more yeoman work to dismantle the dusty baker myth -- that is, "he's a good manager" -- but apparently dusty still believes.

How does Baker know he has detractors in Chicago?

"," Baker said. "That's a pretty good indicator, don't you think? You don't have other top managers hearing that too much, right?"

"other top managers" implies that the great and powerful wizard is one among them. would anyone but baker make that contention? i surely wouldn't.

but some reality must finally be seeping in over at clark and addison. the mother ship offers space for hendry's mea culpa today, the preliminary statement to moving on to 2006. it really doesn't matter much what he says therein -- none of it reflects anything real -- but i am glad to see the team a step closer (however belated) to getting down to work.

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