Friday, August 26, 2005

there just ain't a lot to talk about

one of the side effects of having your team crap out of the playoff race is usually a good deal of debate about whether or not they really have, in fact, crapped out. that can make for a lot of lively banter.

but then, it eventually becomes widely acknowledged even by the most selfish optimists -- and what is left to talk about?

the klown doing his blind-man-with-a-flyswatter imitation for the umpteenth time? dusty's latest symptom of a permanent vegitative state? yet another injury? it all gets a bit droning after a while, doesn't it? nothing's changing. nothing's interesting. so why bother?

no, really. that's not a rhetorical lead-in to a rousing pep talk as to why we all should care deeply. to quote my colleague and friend corncobdress in one of his more profound moments of eternal wisdom from years ago: "who cares?"

i don't have an answer, cub fans. until or unless the cubs start making some deals to arrange for their future, or start playing kids like matt murton and rich hill at every opportunity, win lose or fail -- instead of giving rotting carcasses like patterson, macias, neifi and hollandsworth playing time for no material reason -- i don't see a reason to watch.

here's a bit of heresy for you: do yourself a favor and go watch the white sox. at least over there, something exciting is happening. something's on the line. someone is trying to win something. and maybe, just maybe, the vision of what a competitive ballclub looks like will hone your senses for the criticism that is so desperately needed closer to the heart.

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