Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Stopper is:

SERGIO MITRE? This afternoon at the Confines an alien life form entered the body of Sergio Mitre. Sergio was transformed into the 1992 version of Greg Maddux.

Mitre out pitched arguably the AL's best pitcher Roy Halladay. In doing so, the Northsiders avoided a sweep at the hands of the Blue Jays, with the World Champion Red Sox coming to town.

Only time will tell whether today was the day that Sergio figured out how to pitch in the majors or today was his career game. We do know that this was the best start Mitre has had as a big leaguer. It came on a day when the Cubs really needed it.

Mitre pitched seven scoreless innings allowing two hits while fanning six Jays. Sergio only walked one hitter on an 86 degree steamy day in Chicago. Mitre even impressed at the plate with an RBi double in the third.

Mitre's recipe on Wednesday was perfect. His sinker influenced hitters into 15 groundouts, 6 strikeouts and NO FLYOUTS. Those are Greg Maddux numbers from the early and mid 90's! You don't have to worry at Wrigley Field which way the wind is blowing when players are hitting the ball into the thick infield grass. If this was Sergio's "Glory Day" as a Cub it was great. Hopefully it is not, and this is the beginning for the young sinkerball pitcher.

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