Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Shoring up the roster

Much has been said and written about who the Cubs should acquire and what holes they should fill. Many are speculating which Cincy OF (or how many) will be moved. The list has all of them possibly available...


To be honest I'd take any one of these guys in LF, but there's one other Reds player I'd like the Cubs to go after. We all know the Cubs bench doesn't even rise to the level of putrid. They don't have a good defensive option off the bench since Neifi has to be in the everyday line up. The answer is Rich Aurilia. This guy can likely be had for a song. He can play all the infield positions and seems to have a little pop left at the plate (6HR, 24 RBI), unlike the dyanmic duo of Macias and Wilson. Aurilia would make both of these stiffs obsolete and allow Dusty to keep his requisite dozen pitchers and still have an opportunity to add another bat. Heck the Reds may even take Macias for Aurilia straight up. I know this isn't a move that turns the Cubs into the Central division champs, but little things like this can make a big difference late in the summer. If nothing else it would free up a 40/25 man roster spot for either Nomar or Scott Williamson when they come off the 60 day DL.

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