Monday, June 13, 2005

25 Man Roster - Pitching

So I had a little time to contemplate all things Cubs while the Marlins were putting a TD on the board tonight. It seems evident to me (even prior to his inning tonight) that the Cliff Bartosh experiment needs to ends and that the Polish Prince doesn't have anything left in the tank. Although I'm not sold on either Koronka or Mitre as potential big league starters, I do believe both could be quite serviceable in the bullpen. Instead of sending Koronka down to make room for Wood later this month, I'd suggest DFAing Bartosh and moving Koronka to the pen. Hopefully we'll see Prior back on the bump sometime in July and JoBo can be given his walking papers too. I know this would make the pen very young, but I think it would give the Cubs a better chance for success. I'd also be inclined to option Koronka back to AAA after both Wood and Prior return (and show they are healthy) to make room for another bat.

Although from my seats I couldn't see the gun readings, I thought Remlinger looked sharp. He hasn't pitched much this year but his three outings this month have been good (4IP, 2H, zero BB, zero ER). Having Rem able to pitch regularly with success would take a lot of pressure off the young arms in the pen and give Dusty that veteran arm he so desires. Hopefully this is the start of a return to Alanta form for him.

Also wondering what the blog readers think about Jim Brower who was just released by the Giants? He threw a lot of innings for SF in 2003-2004 (193IP), nearly all out of the bullpen (5 starts) with decent middle reliever type numbers. If he clears waivers maybe Hendry should see if he's willing to sign a minor league deal.

Well that's all I've got for tonight.

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