Sunday, June 12, 2005

the daily patterson rant

just to keep up the drumbeat -- take a look at the hardest men to walk in the national league. at least neifi goes off for a month every year.

and, of course, you know who's the league bottomfeeder in walk-to-strikeout ratio....

the man's an offensive sabermetric disaster. and, of course, his range factor continues to languish in the bottom third of major-league centerfielders.

i don't suppose his non-play on that ball that doinked him in the head yesterday changed any minds on what kind of a defensive player korey's devolved into -- and he has really regressed since his early days -- any more than that ball he airmailed into the pressbox last week to get a runner that wasn't running. but it's quite sad to watch a player take his lack of focus, which is so evident at the plate, into the field the way korey does. along with baserunning, it's a place where your concentration can really pay off regardless of the other guy's performance that night -- and when you're never on base, it's really the only place. he's hit and miss on the great plays, we know, but it's the balls he isn't getting to -- despite his speed, even adjusting for the cubs' pitching -- that sink his quality. for what it's worth, he's even managed to get himself to the bottom in fielding percentage.

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