Thursday, June 02, 2005

Late night games and warm fuzzy feelings

In an effort to bring some sunshine to our readers, I give you the following...

- Derrek Lee makes me feel funny inside, like when I climbed the rope in gym class. Is it wrong for a man to love another man?

- All bow and kiss the feet of Lord Neifi! Keep channeling the spirit of Eddie Murray at the plate, dude. (sidebar: How is it possible that Nomar is leading the NL SS All-Star voting?)

Sung to the tune of Help Me Rhonda
John Koronka, John John Koronka
John Koronka, John John Koronka
Help me Koronka, Sweep the Dodgers
(stolen from MJH of WMVP)

- Gotta love a 1-2-3, 5 pitch, 3 groundball ninth inning from a guy who was pitching for his third night in a row and 4th in last 5 days. Dempster = Closer; Hendry = Clairvoyant.

- Holly, oh Holly, boy how we've missed you. 2 for 3 with a run, a RBI, a BB and few balls hit to left field by the opponent where we didn't have to hold our breath.

- That makes 3Ws against 1L in games started by a call-up from AAA.

- Late night wins are good for the soul. Nothing like drifting off to sleep as the Cubs put another one away.

Now on to Petco to prove this streak is not an aberration. Go, Go SuperGlendon!

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