Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A square peg in a round hole

So let me get this straight. After a conversation with Vince Coleman, Corey Patterson went to Dusty Baker and told him that he wanted to be the Cubs leadoff hitter. I guess Patterson finally realized he won't be in the third spot anytime soon, or maybe he's hearing Felix Pie's footsteps. If that's what Corey wants fine. The crazy part of this whole story is Baker listened and inserted Corey in the leadoff spot for Wednesday nights game.

Usually in the work force you perform jobs you are qualified to do. What evidence do the Cubs have that Corey Patterson is qualified to be a leadoff hitter? He can run and he plays CF. That's fine. Besides speed the guy does not have any of the qualities associated with Rickey Henderson, Willie Wilson, Maury Wills or any of the great leadoff hitters. Why do Dusty Baker and the Cubs continue to try and put Patterson into this spot? He is not capable of it and never will be.

1060west's very own Thunderclap Newman told you who should be leading off for the Cubs. Todd Walker is your guy Dusty. Put Patterson in the seventh spot and leave him there. Better yet put the guy on the bench and let Hairston play CF for a few weeks.

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