Thursday, October 27, 2005

White Sox win series, what's it mean in Cubdom?

Well "they were dancing in the streets of Chicago lastnight", as Harry would have said. Unfortunately they were the streets south of Madison.

Cub fans felt different emotions. Some were happy for the city or their friends and/or family that happen to be Sox fans. Others were pissed that we have no more bragging rights with southsiders. (I was never really sure what bragging rights we had. It usually seemed to come down to having more fans or a better ballpark. I said this a long time ago: "MLB ain't a popularity contest, it's a professional sport which means the bottom line is wins, pennants, and world series rings.") Still, many more Cub fans are indifferent to the whole thing.

Regardless of what we think about the Sox winning, we are all probably wondering the same thing: "What will the Sox Championship mean to the Cubs?" Under the current management team I don't think it means a damn thing. BUT, I do think there is a slim chance that the Tribsters may move the ballclub. If that were to happen all bets would be off.

So, Congrats to the White Sox and their fans on one of the most amazing playoff runs we have seen, since the three round format started. I'm jealous and envious.

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