Monday, October 31, 2005

First Monday of the Hot Stove League!

It was avery active October 31st in Major League Baseball. The Cubs continued to try and find a way to Dusty-Proof their 2006 team. Glendon Rusch signed a two year deal worth $6 million total plus incentives. Rusch signed the deal with Hendry contingent on the fact that he'll get a shot to start:
"He wasn't interested in hitting the market; he just wanted a fair chance to be a starter," Hendry said. "I personally felt that he's done everything for the club in the last couple of years that we've asked of him."

I have no idea how fair of a shot Dusty will give Rusch to start. Glendon has not looked that good coming out of the pen. Rusch could be a decent number five starter. The problem is with the Cubs injury-prone pitching staff he's two pitches away from being their number three. Rusch is not a number three. It'll be interesting to see what Rusch's role is when the team breaks camp.

Silver Bats
DLee and Mike Barrett won silver sluggers today. That silver bat won't help teach Barrett how to call a ballgame or block a splitter in the dirt.

Other MLB stuff
There were a few other moves of note in MLB on Halloween.

The biggest news came out of Boston where GM Theo Epstein walked away from his job with the Red Sox. Boston's boy genius was the toast of New England last fall when the Red Sox ended their 86 year drought winning the Series. Now Epstein has chosen to leave the organization that he followed as a kid. I know egos get involved in these things. But still, looking at the Sox situation from afar: how can you let the GM that won your first world series in 86 years walk? It wouldn't surprise me if Theo popped up with the GM job in Los Angeles before the GM meetings next week.

In Houston, the Astros have extended Phil Garner. I guess Drayton McLane didn't watch the World Series. I actually think Garner is the worst manager in the NL Central. (Yes, I do think he's worse than Johnnie B. Baker) Let's face it, Garner sucked in Milwaukee and he was worse in Detroit. How do these managers get into the recycling bin? If Garner can be recyled. I'd say our old pal Riggs deserves another shot.

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