Thursday, October 13, 2005

An open letter to the ANGRY members of Cub Nation

Dear Fellow Cub Fans,

I understand the pain and anger that we are all going through. Since October 14, 2003, being a Cub fan has really sucked. It's been painful. We were force fed a group of malcontent players in '04 and a group of second division players in '05 by Andy MacFAIL and Jim Hendry.

This October, like no year I can remember, there is venom in Cubdom. It seems that alot of anger is being vented at the Southside team. That's your choice. Still, other anger is being vented towards the Tribsters for the bleacher teardown. That's your choice too. What I don't sense is any anger toward those that I feel should be held responsible: Andy MacFAIL and Jim Hendry. These two are responsible for the inferior product on the field.

This organization has sold us false hope and nostalgia of the good ole days. This management group has blamed injuries, players, media, and yes you the fan when it was convenient to do so. They have never admitted that it was a bad idea to build a ballclub around a bunch of injury prone players and a manager that does not have a clue how to manage. Instead they plan on extending Baker and Hendry this coming spring. Rewarding these two for nothing.

You have every right to be angry fellow Cub fans. Target whatever and whoever you want right now. I just hope that come February, next spring and summer you hold the men responsible accountable.

Yours Truly,


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