Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Playoff musings

Jim Leyland, Cubs savior? Will Jim Leylend deliver anti-christ Larry from out midst? The last time Larry did anything was in '97 when Leyland managed the Marlins. Time to expand that resume Larry and ruin some young arms in Dertoit.

I thought most of yesterday's games were kind of crappy. I think that its a function of the broadcasters. It doesn't help much that the primetime Fox game was the McCarver / Buck booth. When will Fox Execs wake up and can these two boobs?

I think that best question during the ALDS is whether the Sox vs Sox series will get the primetime nod from Fox? Probably not unless another comeback is staged.

Would the Northsiders be relegated to having Chris Berman ruin a perfectly great playoff game had they made it? Probably not, I think we all would be safe in knowing that the game would get the primetime spot.

Great pitching performances from Contreras (best pitcher on the W. Sox staff since the break), Mussina, and Karen Carpenter, although Karen had a cramp in his finger and left the game.

Does anyone else think that the W. Sox might have blown their load in Game 1 and come out with a run or two in Game 2?

As reported to me yesterday by Corn Cobb Dress, a certain catterwauling Cub mascot was seen on the Southside in of course, full Cub regalia. I'm not one to bitch, but the season ended Sunday. It's probably time to get that uniform cleaned.

If Matt Clement was the Red Sox answer to Game 1, I don't even want to know the question.

Jake Peavy, the Padre pitcher who lasted 4 1/3 innings yesterday, left the game with a broken rib, and possibly two sustained in the Padre's clinching celebration. Way to leave it all out on the field. Especially, the opportunity to advance in the playoffs.

What will you see more of in the Padres / Cardinals series? Camera shots of the Genius or Trevor Hoffman save appearances?


Something called the NHL is starting tonight. I'm not sure what this is, but if David Wells holds down the Sox, I might make a switch to the Miami (Ohio) / NIU game.

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