Monday, October 17, 2005

One strike

I bitch and moan about 5 outs in the 2003 NLCS all the time. I'll probably do it for the remainder of my life.

If the Astros lose the next two games in St. Louis, their fans will be talking about "one strike". Monday night the Astros came within one strike of their first World Series berth in franchise history. With All-World closer Brad Lidge on the hill the pest Eckstein shot a single through the left side. Crybaby Edmonds walked and 18 year old Albert Pujols hit a homerun that is expected to touchdown Wednesday morning at 10:42.

The turn of events was even hard for this Cub fan to believe. Two years ago when Gaius Marius and I left Game 6 of the NLCS we agreed that the Cubs were done. It is really hard to overcome moments like these in a short postseason series.

Tonight, I wonder if the Astros can come back from this. They will head back to St. Louis for Games 6 & 7. If I were an Astro fan, I wouldn't be booking my trip to Chicago for the weekend.

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