Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I guess teams can bounce back

Contrary to what I thought, the Houston Astros were not down and out following their crushing loss Monday nite. On Wednesday night the Astros closed Busch Stadium and celebrated their first NL Pennant in team history. Roy Oswalt was magnificent for the second time in this NLCS.

I am very happy to see the Genius, the Cardinals and their fans are going home again. Hopefully that shithole ballpark will be blown up in the morning. My favorite moment of the game was when Edmonds misplayed the ball in center. Edmonds has had the reputation of being a great defensive centerfielder (thanks in large part to ESPN). Through the years how many times have we seen him fuck up against the Cubs? I'm glad people got to see Jimmy do his thing on the national stage.

Now the Astros will come up 55 and meet the White Sox on Saturday night at U.S. Comiscular. Everything points toward a well pitched series. That probably means we'll see a couple of 15-12 ballgames (especially at two homer-happy ballparks).

So the Astros who were dead and buried on Memorial Day are now going to the series. The wild card has made it possible for teams that play awful in April and May to still have hope. I'm sure Cub management will use the 2005 Astros as an example of why they are still alive in an upcoming season, when they find themselves 15 games out on Memorial Day. A bunch of other bad franchises will do the same thing.

So this year we have seen the Astros and White Sox win pennants. Both broke their long droughts. But fear not, the beat goes on at the ivy covered burial ground.

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