Sunday, October 23, 2005

Team O'Destiny

The Chicago White Sox run toward the World Championship continued on Sunday night. On a rainy Chicago nite, the southsiders hero in the bottom of the ninth would be their leadoff hitter Scott Podsednik. Throughout the first half, Podsednik was the table setter for the Sox. Tonite Podsednik tipped the World Series table over. His ninth inning homer was dramatic. It will go down in World Series and Southside baseball lore.

Two plays that took place earleir in the ballgame reinforced to me that the White Sox have the baseball gods on their side this postseason.

  1. In the third 1060w friend the Beege dropped a routine popup that allowed Pierzynski to score. A.J.'s gotta be the most annoying player on this team. Still if you were a fan of the Sox you'd have to love A.J.
  2. The other play that told me the White Sox are a team of destiny took place in the 7th. With two outs and two men on Wheeler hit Dye. The replay showed the ball actually hit Dye's bat. Qualls replaced Wheeler and Konerko hit a World Series Grand Slam. The Sox led 6-4.

Many teams get breaks throughout a season. How many take advantage of their breaks? Throughout the first half of 2005 and now in the postseason the White Sox have taken advantage of every break. They've been lucky, but they've also been good. The Sox have gotten every break during this playoff run. It started with the error by Graffanino. Since that play, things have snow balled, has any call went against the White Sox? Now the southsiders are two wins away from their first championship since 1917.

Incognito on the Southside
On Saturday nite, I saw my second World Series game in person in my life. I was fortunate enough to make a roadtrip to Atlanta back in 1999 to see Game 1 between the Braves and Yanks. As you get older road trips like that become fewer and far between. So it took the World Series coming to Chicago for me to make a visit. It was difficult for me to go at first. I had all the thoughts about "why isn't this on the northside?", "What went wrong in '84 and '03?"(why do I keep replaying these moments?), "am I a bad Cub fan for going?".

Once I got to U.S. Comiscular all of my baseball fandom kicked in. This is the World Series for god sakes. If you can't enjoy this there has to be something wrong with you. I did enjoy the game. I sat next to a gentleman who was probably in his early 70's. An oldtime Chicagoan that can tell so many stories about baseball heartbreak. This guy wasn't worried about the past. He was enjoying his teams time in the sun. I am happy for the long suffering White Sox fans. The Johnny-come-lately's and "Cubs Suck" crowd may piss me off. Still I am happy for their loyal fans like the guy I sat by.

Regardless of what happens in the coming week, we are about to put another cap on an exciting baseball season. As I get older I find my appreciation for the game growing. The drama that we get to witness every October is like nothing else. The Pujols homer in Game 5 of the NLCS, Podsednik's homer tonite, the dramatics from just this postseason go on and on. Even though my team may never win, I love the game. The playoffs and World Series remind me of that every October. When do pitchers and catchers report to Mesa?

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