Thursday, January 17, 2008

Selig to be commisioner forever

Well not quite.

Crane Kenney may want to look for another gig after he's let go by Sam Zell. It turns out Bud Selig won't be going anywhere soon. According to all major new services Uncle Bud has gotten a contract extension until 2012. LMAO.

I guess the reason for this extension is pretty damn simple. This from

But under his watch, MLB has more than quintupled industry revenue, set numerous attendance records, developed a large battery of new or remodeled stadiums, rebuilt its working relationship with the players' union, and developed what is widely considered the gold standard for league-based Internet operations.

While many baseball fans might be upset, this is alright for this blog which has lost too many of our long time whipping boys recently. It started when Andy MacPhail and Dusty Baker left, that was followed by the departure of Dennis FitzSimons. Soon we won't have Jim Hendry to pick on any more. So it's onward and upward as we follow the adventures of Uncle Bud for the next four years.

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