Sunday, January 13, 2008

First and foremost

we still must keep in mind that the biggest upgrade the Cubs could do this off season would be to add another stud starter.

We can add all the Fukudomes and Roberts we want and we'll never have a lineup like the Yankees, and you see how far they've gotten in the playoffs recently.

I know we probably don't have the talent in the farm system for a Santana trade but to ignore the need to add another shut down pitcher is crazy. Arizona isn't going to be any easier to beat in the playoffs with their addition of Haren, so it's imperative the Cubs explore any teams trading scenarios and scour the crap heap of rehabbing pitchers like B. Colon, to further that end.

It's time for Hendry to be creative. I know, I know, those words creative and Hendry don't usually collide in the same sentence, but that is what it is going to take along with a little luck to be a serious playoff contender.

Trading any serious minor league talent now, will only further exacerbate our ability to procure any quality additions in the future. The Cubs need to be careful that any trade they make is not for a middle of the road player but a truely impact player. I would rather see a D. Lee traded to the Yankees for an I. Kennedy than trading Marshall and Gallagher for Roberts.

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