Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kenney in 2009?

With the sale of the Cubs coming soon, many of the people who had high profile jobs in the Cubs front office have departed. John McDonough and Jay Blunk dashed over to the Westside to take on the challenge of rebuilding the Black Hawks place in the Chicago sports fans mind. So it should come as little surprise that Crane Kenney the man who quietly was Andy MacPhail's and later John McDonough's boss down in the tower is vying for a new position. This from today's Bright One in Michael Sneed's column:

Sneed hears Crane Kenney, senior veep and general counsel of Tribune Company, hopes to become the new baseball commissioner, replacing Bud Selig.

• • The upshot: Word is a head-hunting company is vetting Kenney as a candidate.

• • The backshot: Kenney oversees the Cubs for Tribune Co.

Kind of ironic that the man we always thought would try to replace Selig was MacPhail. Turns out the man who was behind the curtain, MacPhail's boss Crane Kenney is vying for the position.

Selig's contract runs through 2009. At that point he plans on retiring. So looking at this from the outside it would probably make alot of sense for Kenney to find his way into a position in the commissioner's office when the Cubs are sold (and his position eliminated). At that time it will be a short period until a replacement is named for Selig. Very interesting.

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